The CCUA is helping people
affected by disasters both 
big and small 

Join your fellow credit unions in supporting members and your community through the first We CU Care initiative in partnership with the American Red Cross.  

Campaign Timeline

Join CCUA in a ground-breaking campaign and make a difference in the lives of those affected by disasters big and small. Funds pledged by credit unions will be used to support donations made through 
We CU Care's branded NetGiver experience.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of milestones 
between May 17 and July 31st

Make a Pledge

This is just the first We CU Care initiative!

We look forward to future campaigns supporting our state charities, your foundations, and other important causes. Your members can still make donations to your state charity and have it matched - we’re earmarking a portion of funds for matching member donations made to other charities.

Make a Pledge

Program Highlights

  • Credit union pledges demonstrates the commitment to supporting disaster relief efforts through the American Red Cross. The Red Cross helps spread the word about the initiative and the generous support of credit unions, encouraging people to donate with We CU Care.
  • We CU Care provides resources for credit unions to use in communicating the campaign to their 
    members, making it easy to get involved and donate.
  • We CU Care matches through the generous pledges by CCUA credit unions, amplifying the
    impact of all contributions.
  • Each community member who donates receives a celebration of their donation, with a notice that their donation was generously matched by We CU Care and supported by their local credit union.
    These emails have a 91% open rate, making it a highly effective way to engage with members.

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* The American Red Cross name and emblem are used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, opinion or political position. 
   For more information about the American Red Cross, please visit